Benefits of Melt-Match® with servo ultrasonic welding

Melt-Match® is known in the plastic industry to improve all the phases of the plastic welding process with servo-driven control and precision.

Check out the following video showing the difference between pneumatic vs servo ultrasonic welding with patented Melt-Match®.

Ultrasonic Welding with patented Melt-Match®

Improves confidence in total quality with a tighter standard deviation of dimensional accuracy and weld strength because Melt-Match® controls the force during the welding process:

  • Gives the fastest approach to the weld position while ensuring that the contact force does not exceed the programmed value

  • Precise force, position or power measurement used to initiate the ultrasonic welding process

  • Force is controlled via the velocity profile setting. Velocity profile can be set in 10 programmable steps to better control the flow of molten material

Reduce cycle time, part to part variations, defects, and get stronger welds with Melt-Match® because it controls the welding process “in motion”

  • Servo system allows the actuator to travel very fast to just above the part and then slow down to a programmed controlled speed prior to encountering the part (Sensing Position), which provides:

    • Reduces particulates   Programmable 100% digital all-electric control

    • Allows for the system to trigger under very low forces which eliminates part deformation

    • Shorter cycle times while maintaining precise control of the trigger force and position on the part

    • Servo driven speed and precise programming of speed during the melt collapse allows:

      • Ultrasonic energy propagates deeper into the weld joint, creating significantly stronger bonds.

      • The speed of the collapse to match the melt flow of the joint

    • No pneumatic components to adjust

    • Ability to program Dynamic and Static hold while the welded parts are held for re-solidification

    Provides More Meaningful Data to Users

    With 100% digital all-electric control a proven process using Melt-Match® technology always produces consistent results and reliable data is collected throughout the process. Therefore, if any inconsistency is occurring in weld results the data can be easily used to analyze other factors causing the problem like:

    • Any variation in part design caused during the molding process

    • Changes in part quality caused by Hygroscopicity-moisture absorption

    • Changes in resin quality because of a new material supplier

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